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Scotts Steering Stabilizer - Triumph
Scotts Steering Stabilizer - Triumph
Scotts Steering Stabilizer - Triumph
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Scotts Steering Stabilizer Technical Information


What is a Scotts Steering Stabilizer?
It is a compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbing damper that mounts to your steering head area right above your handlebar mount. By helping to stabilize the front end of your motorcycle, the rear of the motorcycle will track straighter allowing the rest of your suspension to work the way it was designed to. In addition, the Scotts Steering Stabilizer eliminates that sudden "thrust" affect of having the handlebars pulled from your hands after unknowingly hitting something unforeseen like rocks, tree roots or rain ruts. It has also helps to minimize rider fatigue and the dreaded arm-pumping situation that occurs while wrestling the front end of your bike. Once mounted, it dramatically reduces the unwanted phenomenon known as "Head-shake" that is commonly found on ALL off-road production motorcycles. This is more predominant now a-days due to the steeper head angles you find on production bikes.

How does it work?
Basically, it operates under the same principle as your front forks. Valving inside the unit reacts to the slightest of jolts that are transferred through the forks and crowns of your motorcycle. Internal circuitry and hydraulic valving readjusts the amount of shock that would have been received through your handlebars. The link arm, which connects the stabilizer to the frame, reacts instantaneously, absorbing any unwanted movement. Your suspension was designed to handle the vertical movement of your motorcycle, while the Scotts Stabilizer completes your suspension package by controlling the unwanted lateral movement.

Why is Scotts Stabilizer so much better than others?
Scotts Performance started this in 1987. Experience is always a big bonus! Their quality and tolerances are second to none. They go through pain staking procedures to insure the tolerances are maintained to give you the most reliable, accurate stabilizer made. Consistency through a wide range of temperature ranges can only be obtained by keeping these tight tolerances, allowing the use very thin oil, which in turn, has a higher viscosity index, making it more stable in all conditions. Read the consumer reviews, our customers are our best sales people.

One of the most important features is the fully adjustable, separate high speed valving system, similar to the high speed adjustment in your shock. This is a huge advantage over other stabilizers. Some of the competitors claim to have a high speed valve, but most of them don’t. Since the stabilizer is literally a little shock absorber controlling the unwanted left to right motion of your bars, it only makes sense that you would want to have a separate circuit that absorbs the impacts exceeding the normal range of hits, similar to the high speed valving in your shock. Most impacts and head-shake at the front wheel, are high speed movements. Where on the other hand, turning is generally a low speed movement. If you don't like the feeling the stabilizer provides, you can adjust it out with Scotts, and still retain its ability to absorb high speed impacts. NO OTHER STABILIZER HAS THIS FEATURE. Why? Because it’s expensive to build and complicated to copy. Not only is the damping rate and high speed circuit adjustable, but the arc of movement over which it operates is also adjustable, we call those sweep controls. So in summary, the Scotts Stabilizer has 3 fully adjustable circuits, all of which are critical to any stabilizers ability to function correctly.

Another important feature on the off-road units is, that the Scotts Stabilizer only dampens as the handlebar turns away from center. The handlebar "free-valves" back to dead straight. This feature makes the bike want to go straight, all by itself. This is another huge advantage over other stabilizers. It also boasts a damping control this is adjustable on the fly. It only takes two seconds of one handed riding to change the damping, similar to the time it would take to pull a tear-off lens away.

Can the damper be mounted to other bikes I own?
Yes! Unlike others that are bike specific, another nice feature about the Scotts damper is that it is transferable between bikes in seconds. If you have more than one bike, you only need one damper, and a couple of mounting kits, to be able to transfer it from bike to bike. That way you can use it Saturday on your dual sport ride, and Sunday put it on you're your desert bike or motocrosser. Unlike suspension or motor mods, when you sell your bike, you can take it with you to install on your next bike. Most applications use very simple bolt on brackets for mounting. "Dirt Rider" Magazine said "It's the best investment you can make!"

Is it easy to put on?
If you can change a spark plug, you should be able to install a Scotts Steering Stabilizer. If you have any questions during installation, we are here to help you. There is no welding for most kits, and it mounts in minutes. The unit comes with a step by step instruction manual that would make it easy even for Forest Gump. Remember though, this is a very sophisticated unit that does more for your motorcycle than any other after market improvement. You need to make sure you install it correctly to gain the maximum potential.

Does it need constant servicing like some of the other dampers I've seen?
No Way. In fact when mounted correctly, it almost needs no attention at all. Just like your forks and shocks though, you'll need to give it some "TLC" after many hours of usage. It is designed so there are no wearable parts when mounted properly, (just oil fatigue). Scotts Performance Products provides a complete service program should you need it. Simply UPS the unit to Scotts in between rides or races, and will put it through our ten point inspection program that includes; tolerance checks and an oil change. You should have it back in time for your next race.

Key Features:

  •  It is the only Stabilizer with three fully adjustable circuits.
  •  It is the only Stabilizer that has an adjustable damping control that allows 25 adjustment clicks while riding.
  •  It is the only Stabilizer that allows you to adjust the amount of degrees of damping you want from centerline.
  •  It is the only Stabilizer that has a "High Speed Circuit" designed to absorb those sharp edged jolts.
  •  It is the only Stabilizer that successfully works for every type of off-road application... including Motocross.
  •  It is the only Stabilizer that easily moves from motorcycle to motorcycle in literally seconds.
  •  It is the only stabilizer that's been around for 25 years and has won every major off-road race including the grueling Baja 1000, 17 times.
  •  It's the only stabilizer to be tested and endorsed by every leading off-road magazine and personally used by industry leaders.
Trivia: How to pronounce the word Damper?
There seems to be some ambiguity about how to pronounce the word "Damper". We see it mis-spelled as "Dampener" and or "Dampner" a lot. It's actually spelled and pronounced Damper, there is no "N" in the word. Hydraulic fluid passing between controlled chambers "dampens" the forces being exerted, hence the word "Damper" is used to describe a device which dampens or slows down unwanted oscillations or movements. The word Stabilizer is synonymous with the word damper in this case, so it's appropriate to say "steering damper" or "steering stabilizer", as both functions are accomplished when you install one on your bike. We'll still know what you mean if you say or spell it either way, we just thought it would be nice to clear the air.
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